What my clients say...

Employability Skills:

“more confident working in a new place with new people”....

“less nervous about applying for a new job”

“more reassured about my career path”

“got a good insight into careers that I could go into” 

“Thank you Mel for the great learning experience and giving me the courage to believe in myself”

Employability Skills Learners


“I feel more confident and more knowledgeable on how to receive/ make phone calls”

Telephone Technique Course Learner


"Melanie is a fabulous individual - experienced, kind, person centered and resourceful - equipped in all the essential skills necessary to provide support to the most vulnerable service users. Melanie creates a very warm environment which enables the clients to heal and grow, thus changing people's lives for the better. I would not hesitate to refer my future clients to her for support."

External support worker


“I am glad you rang up south east derbyshire college 2 years ago. I have great mates and the tutors are the best....thank you all you did”

Mentee (Diagnosed Dyslexic)


"Several years ago, I suffered from severe anxiety and a phobia of going outside and meeting new people. As a result of this I was unemployed but desperately wanted to overcome this. I was referred to Mel to be my mentor. She was warm, friendly and always remained professional.  She helped me overcome my barriers by focusing on my personal issues. Once confidence was developed, Mel assisted me in seeking employment.  Mel supported me through interview preparation and aided me through my early stages of my employment.  Since then I have been in stable employment under a professional capacity. My phobia has been now eradicated; I truly believe I could not have achieved this without the guidance from Mel. If you are going through struggles in life, no matter how big or small, I would highly recommend to seek assistance from Mel."



"My expectations were exceeded, the first meeting was amazing, things clicked instantally, and the things we talked about made sense to me. There was a sense of ease in the way Melanie came across, nothing was forced, everything was very friendly and natural. The impression that was left on me, encouraged me to do things diffrently going forward, to me that is the skill of an excellent mentor."

Business Mentee

Personal Development Training:

"Melanie is a superb tutor, she has the energy and charisma to own the room, but also the humility and intelligence to interact on a personal level. The knowledge and skills I gained from Melanie have been invaluable to my own progression, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone looking for professional guidance or support."

NVQ Learner


“More confident with people I don’t know”

“I feel motivated and uplifted”

Confidence Building Course Learner


“I am happy because I know I am improving my English communication skills”

 “I learnt about non-verbal and verbal communication!”

“ very happy, very productive lesson/session. Feel happy and lucky to have a good trainer”

Communication Course Learner