What we do

Embrace U Consultancy a UK registered learning provider is passionate about empowering, motivating and supporting young people and adults to achieve their full potential in areas of their lives where barriers are preventing their passions and desires from becoming a reality. A concept that will embrace peoples individuality and support them with compassion and professionalism throughout their journey towards social mobility. All service offerings are delivered at the highest quality level.



Embrace U Consultancy offer individual 1-2-1 mentoring support. By supporting mentees we aim to provide an environment and experience where individuals feel empowered, motivated & encouraged to regain focus and control of their aspirations.

Some of the benefits of our 1-2-1 mentoring service include building confidence, motivation, self esteem and enabling mentee’s to identify areas of development through self awareness.

Mentoring is delivered once a week for 1hour per mentee in a mutually agreed environment allowing comfort and confidentiality to be paramount at every meeting.


Embrace U Consultancy offers a number of quality training opportunities detailed below -

'Train the Mentor'

Do you have the skills and character to help others make positive decisions in their lives?  Do you have life experiences to share / contribute to others?  If the answer is yes, then how about training to become a Mentor?

We offer effective training to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to share your own experiences to help motivate and empower others to achieve their goals.


 Personal Development

Not feeling confident? Need to learn how to communicate more effectively?

Embrace U Consultancy believe that personal development is paramount for everyone to be successful in both their personal and professional arenas. It is a pathway for participants to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.  Embrace U Consultancy have a range of topics allowing participants to have the tools to grow, develop throughout their life. These include - 

  • Confidence Building
  • Communications Skills
  • Time Management and many more


 Employability Skills Training

Employability Skills Training is a solution for participants entering the world of work - for the first time, returning after unemployment or career progression. Employability Skills Training provides the skills to be successful in gaining sustainable employment.  Advice and guidance on areas specific to meet the individuals needs, enabling participants to up-skill themselves and be the one employer’s want to employ / promote to meet their business needs in the 21st century. Embrace U Consultancy offers a number of different topics -

  •  Interview Technique
  • Job Profiles and Categories
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Telephone Technique and many more.

Contact Embrace U Consultancy for more information and details on how to join any of our quality training courses.

 All  training is provided in a professional, supportive and  positive learning environment that is interactive, fun and conducive to a successful learning experience.


Embrace U Consultancy aims to help and support participants on a 1-2-1 basis to navigate the often complex pathways they embark on to reach their goals and aspirations, giving them details of other organisations that will be able to help them.

We are passionate about encouraging individuals to take responsibility for interacting with organisations and agencies to help resolve their problems and issues, such as housing officials, benefits advisors, probation, social service to name a few.  Alternative sources will be identified to help participants when it has been identified that a particular agency and/or service is not appropriate.

By encouraging a proactive approach, Embrace U Consultancy builds on confidence, motivation and communication skills as they take ownership and pride in their own solutions.